Me, myself and my blog.

Hi, so my name is Bethany. Although I really don’t look it and I sure don’t feel it, I am 20 years of age. I currently live in West Yorkshire! A beautiful, scenic and very (VERY) cold county in the North of England.
I decided to start-up this blog, mainly to express my love for photography, interior design and home decor and just to share my journeys, thoughts and my daily shenanigans. I love to share what I’m doing with others and also LOVE to hear and see what others are up to too! (I’m a great listener!)

Ever since I was younger I have been in love with designing rooms (yes I loved the room decorating online games as a child) and as I’ve grown older my love for it has grown too! I’m an interior, home decor, bargain obsessed teen (I’m an adult I know, but ‘teen’ makes me feel younger again).

“I believe your home should tell your story. What you love most collected and assembled in one place.” – Nate Berkus



4 thoughts on “Me, myself and my blog.

  1. Well, I am impressed..the structure and cohesive flow of your first post is great! Well done, and I know you’re very passionate about interior design and all the other aspects of home decorations. Afterall, we do like bargains in West Yorkshire!
    I hope you find peace in maintaining your blog as research has indicated that writing regularly allows you to become more comfortable with your own voice. Blogging will also help you to develop new skills that will result in you unleashing new talents that you never knew existed! Overall, blogging is one way of increasing self-esteem (not that you need it, but everyone will benefit from a self-esteem boost!!).

    So happy blogging, and I hope you get something out of it!

    P.S. I hope this is some useful motivation for you!! 😀

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    1. Aw macauley thank you so much! Such a lovely and motivational comment! I’m hoping it does help me become more comfortable and confident with myself. I hope I can carry on impressing! Thank you 😝


  2. Awesome! I am a huge fan of decorating and I have been my whole life also! 😃 I decided to start my blog on here about a year ago and I love sharing home decor ideas and tips! I’m looking forward to seeing your posts!
    Happy Blogging! 😃

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    1. Me too! I’ve been obsessed with interiors and cute little accessories (I often get carried away with buying things) 😂 It’s such a great way to express yourself! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts! Your blog looks fab! I love your posts! Thank you 😝

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