My cactus children 🌵

So over the weekend I took a short trip to my favourite home store, IKEA, at Birstall Shopping Park, Leeds, with my auntie and younger sister. We made an afternoon of it!

There were many hours of browsing and a lovely meal at TGI Fridays to finish off an afternoon of giggles and family time. We got a free appetizer by downloading the TGI Fridays app!

You could choose any of the appetizers so we decided to go for ‘Sesame Jack Strips’, which were amazing! (Us Yorkshire folk like free stuff) and for mains we all had Jack Daniels chicken, which I always tend to go for as it’s just so delicious!

Anyway folks, back to my main intention of this blog post. I purchased a few small items at IKEA as I didn’t really need anything major. I purchase a cute little lace effect candle holder and vanilla scented candle (I love scented candles and I love vanilla!), I am probably going to use the candle holder as a storage pot however as it looks like such a cute bedroom accessory for the top of my chest of drawers.

Lastly my main and favourite purchase of the afternoon at IKEA was a trio of small cactus’, which were supplied in some adorable white plant pots, which I think are just way too cute and so pretty! And for £4.50 I think that is an absolute bargain considering how great they look. They now take pride on top of my IKEA Kallax shelving unit, which I will feature in one of my next posts. I am now referring to them as my children as I have to ‘nurture’ and care for them to keep them alive!

What’s your favourite home store?


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