My deed of the day.

Today marked the third time I donated blood… what a proud moment!

I was very skeptical about signing up to be a blood donor at first, but I metaphorically ‘grew some balls’. My first donation made me so proud and I was so happy with the thought that my 1 pint of blood could be used to help treat patients or to even save someones life! (How amazing is that!).

Donating is super easy! All you have to do is sign up via the give blood website, choose your date and time and then you’re all set! I will put the give blood link at the bottom of the page.1475704738560

On the day of your donation you will be sent a text reminding you of your donation and also telling you to drink plenty of water! Almost half of the donation you make is made up of water, so it’s very important. Soon after getting to the blood donor appointment you will get a private health screening which will basically confirm your identity and allow the staff to ask some question just to make sure that it is safe for you to donate, which then moves on to a small blood sample being taken from your finger to measure your iron levels to make sure you can still donate, then that’s it, you’re good to donate!

1475707985899Once you’re ready to donate your blood the staff will ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable and will then proceed through the steps of donation. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to donate, the needle is then removed and a sterile dressing is applied, you are then able to have about 15 minutes of a relaxing at the refreshments table where there is a variety of different drinks and snacks. A few weeks after you will receive a key-ring with your blood group on which I think is a really great touch.

It’s definitely a really easy process and you feel a huge sense of happiness afterwards. I’m now super proud to be on my third donation and I’m definitely not going to stop there.

So go ahead, it’s in your blood to help save a life. Become a blood donor 💗

Give blood



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