Shelves, glorious shelves.

IKEA!! My favourite home store!

1476126840480So I purchased a shelving unit from IKEA a few weeks ago which goes by the name ‘Kallax‘! And I have to say I’m in love. I’m still absolutely in love after having it for a few weeks. I chose the Kallax shelving unit with the 6 sections and also purchased 4 ‘Dröna‘ inserts, which are great for storage and hiding items not wanted on display.

I love how you can move the Dröna drawers around and choose your own style that suits you! I opted for the dark grey ones as they match my room perfectly as I’m going for a
white, silver and grey theme. For the blank spaces in my shelf I have just filled them with various decorative objects such as my cactus’ shown in my second post, a candle holder, picture frames an other various items. I also dressed it up a little with my fairy lights and dream catcher.

Whats your favourite piece of IKEA furniture?



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