Autumn and Winter vibes🍂❄️

So, we’re coming up to the end of October and Autumn is in full swing! I absolutely love this time of year! There’s just something about Autumn that gives off such a cosy feeling.wp-1478444977643.jpg

For me, I have to say that Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. The trees are such beautiful colours with a mixture of  orange and brown, with the leftover green leaves from the summer. As Autumn moves along its path it creates a sea of green, orange to brown leaves wherever you go, I LOVE IT! There’s so many things I love about Autumn and Winter, here’s a few:

  • The leaves! (You’ve probably already guessed) 🍂
  • Sitting by a fire, preferably a bonfire 🔥
  • Hot chocolates ☕
  • Pumpkins at Halloween 🎃
  • The wooly hats, scarves and winter boots ❄️
  • Candles and lanterns! 🔥
  • Fireworks 🎆
  • Christmas!! (My favourite) 🎄

Despite being a very cold time of year, Autumn and Winter always fill me with such warmth and joy inside and lets not forget about the excitement building up as you know it’s getting close to Halloween, bonfire night and the best of them all, Christmas time! 🎄

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn and Winter?






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