Candles, candles and more candles!

As we draw closer to Christmas and nights get colder, I am opening my arms wide and welcoming plenty of candles! There’s nothing more relaxing and warming than seeing the flickering of a flame and the beautiful aroma that is given off from your favourite scents! I have to say I have gone a little mad with buying candles this month, but you can never have too many! Here are a few of my favourite candles that I have purchased.

So, here are 4 of my favourite candles! (2 are the same). The large silver raised effect candle I purchased from home bargains, which was ยฃ2.99 if I remember rightly! ย I couldn’t resist and with it being such a large candle it will last for ages and it smells of Vanilla! (Another reason I couldn’t resist!) I bought 2 of the spiced apple and cinnamon ‘Glade’ candles which smell absolutely divine and really bring the festive spirit into my bedroom. They were ยฃ1.75 from Wilkinsons which is an absolute bargain! And lastly the pomegranate scented candle which I bought from The Range which was also ยฃ2.99. I cannot express how beautiful these smell!

I also couldn’t post about candles without including the 2 adorable copper effect tealight holders I purchased from New Look! They are so simple, but so cute and add such a good finish to my room and at ยฃ3 each I certainly couldn’t go wrong!

What’s your favourite candle scent?



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