T’is the season to be jolly 🎅

So, now we’re just 10 days away from Christmas day and I hope that we are all having a fun-filled December so far! For me Christmas is all about spending time with the people you love, your friends and family. I just love the warm, happy feeling Christmas time brings.

The Christmas feeling started about a month ago for me, as at work we started getting the delivery of the mince pies (Don’t even get me started on the smell of freshly bakes mince pies 😋). We also got the delivery of Christmas buns, biscuits and Christmas cakes. They definitely brought the Christmas feeling early!

I don’t think Christmas is just all about the big day. I absolutely love the moments leading up to it. Like the Christmas lights switch on, Christmas markets, putting up the decorations, fairy lights and of course, wrapping the presents!! 🎁

I have to admit, I have left my present wrapping a little late this year, I have been so unorganized, but I manage to get my butt into gear and buy my presents and get them wrapped yesterday evening. Anyone who is as enthusiastic as me about wrapping presents will understand how important it is to find matching ribbons, tags and paper. 😂 This year I went with a brown/red/white paper with various Christmas designs, a variety of red and white ribbon and a few red gift tags. Overall, I am super pleased with how they have turned out. I cannot wait to hand them to my loved ones!

Are we all nearly ready for Christmas? 🎄



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