Ladies who lunch ☕

I am always curious when it comes to trying new cafes, restaurants, just anything really. So today, I challenged that curiosity. Myself and one of my really close friends, Cait, had decided on a spontaneous trip out for lunch. Cait had decided on trying a new place at Dean Clough, Halifax.

Now to say I have lived in Halifax all my life (20 years) and I’ve never once visited Dean Clough, it’s pretty crazy. Anyway, I arrived at the car park and I was just amazed by the appearance of Dean Clough itself as I have never really looked at it so close. The place which Cait had decided on was ‘Eight Sixteen Coffee Company’ or ‘Engine Room Cafe & Kitchen’.

We found the whole atmosphere of the place so warming, the music choice is fabulous and the staff were so friendly and of course, service was great, the queue died down in no time thanks to their speedy service! In my opinion the prices were such great value for money. We both decided on a Panini which you could pretty much customize as they have a variety of different fillings, it tasted delicious and so fresh and we also treat ourselves to a hot chocolate, which can I say, was delightful!

All these great things being said, this one tops them all. Every hot drink which is sold at Eighteen Sixteen gives a small donation to their feeding project, at a school in Maues, Brazil, which feeds the students there everyday. Not only doing their bit for the community of Halifax, but doing their bit for charity too.

I can definitely say that will not be our last time visiting and of course I have to mention the company I shared it with was the best, just chatting with a really great friend at a great place, having a spot of lunch and a drink just fills me with such happiness.

Go check out Eighteen Sixteen Coffee Company and maybe make a visit! 

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