Its been a while πŸ•˜

So, I’ve not posted for quite a while. I’ve just lost a lot of motivation the past few months to write about things, but I’m back, summer has been and gone and a lot has changed since my last post and there’s a lot of things I should be happy about…

I’ve changed jobs, which has more hours and a lot more support for me, I’ve turned 21! (I’m an old lady I know), I’ve been on holiday for the first time since 2007 and myΒ fiancΓ© has gone into his third year of university (I’m super proud).  😍

It feels strange to have been at a new place of work for so long already. It’s almost been 5 months! I felt regret at first as I was leaving some lovely people at my old place, but they keep in touch and I feel so much better where I am now. More hours, the people and support is much needed. I’ve become so much more confident with this job. I was petrified of new things and honestly didn’t think I’d do this well, but I’ve impressed myself and hopefully others around me. I’m hoping to have my own place before Christmas too, so this new job was a godsend. I think it is about time I moved out. To have my own space, my own style around the place and the freedom to spend more time with my love whilst hes not in uni will be the best.

Hopefully with all this being said I will hopefully be posting a lot more, there’s many exciting things on the way, my favourite season (Autumn)πŸ˜‰, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and of course it’s almost a year since I got engaged to the love of my life 😍

So here’s to being positive and the events on the way!Β Clinking Glasses on Twitter Twemoji 2.3


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